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Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of modern and contemporary design, with a unique emphasis on energy-efficient and sustainable architecture.
From affordable modern homes in Seattle to million-dollar custom homes, multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings, green building and sustainable approaches to urban living, you’ll find it all here at Northwest Modern Homes.

Many homebuyers today appreciate the modern asthetic and are interested in purchasing and living in a home that has a modern and streamline feel. This does not necessarily mean a new home, as the Bauhaus and Modern Home design began in the 1920’s, so when we speak of “Modern Homes”, they may not necessarily be new but have the clean lines and open spaces that epitomize this kind of design aesthetic. We can be discussing homes built from the 1930's to today.

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Egan House, Seattle, 1957

Egan House, Seattle, 1957, originally uploaded by
Tucked away among trees on a curvy hillside just off Lakeview Blvd E, an informative sign tells me: "Egan House, designed by Robert Reichert and built in 1957, is Historic Seattle's first modern building preservation."


  1. Egan House by Robert Reichert, is really looking beautiful with surrounded greenery, though I am looking forward to have more pics of this house.
    Marlow, do you have some more pictures of this house to have look on?

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