Seattle Modern Homes for Sale

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of modern and contemporary design, with a unique emphasis on energy-efficient and sustainable architecture.
From affordable modern homes in Seattle to million-dollar custom homes, multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings, green building and sustainable approaches to urban living, you’ll find it all here at Northwest Modern Homes.

Many homebuyers today appreciate the modern asthetic and are interested in purchasing and living in a home that has a modern and streamline feel. This does not necessarily mean a new home, as the Bauhaus and Modern Home design began in the 1920’s, so when we speak of “Modern Homes”, they may not necessarily be new but have the clean lines and open spaces that epitomize this kind of design aesthetic. We can be discussing homes built from the 1930's to today.

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Pacific Northwest BOOK OF HOMES

Pacific Northwest BOOK OF HOMES, originally uploaded by Motorrad+MCM.
I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book! I have a friend, Louis Collins, who owns Collins Books and I'm going to have him keep an eye out for this. What a great example of modern construction.


Mid-Century Lighting and Decor in Seattle

 Many aficionados of modern architecture enjoy interior design and keeping the mid century home true to the decade. A lot of folks shop flea market on weekends or they turn to eBay to find mid century treasures discarded by the grandparents. A lot of times, folks go overboard with the deck core, as people lived much more simply in the 50s and 60s. But that's part of the fun is going over the top with your decorating.

There are many purists out there that will only put originals, but sometimes one has to use a reproduction. Personally, I like mixing vintage pieces with more modern stylings, but everyone has their own design sense when it comes to decorating.

Please Boomarang shape shelves are modern design, and you can find items like this on Etsy. Just search for atomic or mid century design and you'll see hundreds of new items that will finish your midcentury modern home!


Shopping for your modern home

When you found your modern home. This century or last century, you want to make sure you get the right furniture. That's part of the fun of having a new house, right?

One of my favorite places to shop is in SODO,    First Look and  Tom Gotz Collection are shops within a shop down near Pacifica Galleries. 

Here, you will find tons of modern mid century lamps, furniture, Eames, Nelson, accessories, rugs, occasional chairs, dining room sets, you name it! It's an amazing architectural discovery every time you go!


Modern door solutions

 Offers a brand of fiberglass door with the number of mid century modern styles. They have contemporary classics with several inserts to choose from, including a cube to Glass that looks like an old Dennis office and some chain-link Inserts that mimicMCM Classix.

You can have them painted or stained but the Magnolia which is a chartreuse color or the Ravenna which is orange, would look great on any mid century home.


Furnishing your Seattle mid-century modern home

If you're trying to restore your vintage mid century modern home, there's always a dilemma and a concern with putting new furniture inside your authentic atomic ranch home. You want to be comfortable, but you don't want to betray your mid century roots.


Buying high-end designer furniture is often not practical and it's too expensive for some peoples pocketbooks, so a good solution might be checking local antique shops. I really like the shops at Pacific Galleries in Seattle's Sodo District


The Con-Form Chair -- only $5.99!


Atomic Ranch Mid-Century Modern home for sale in Ballard neighborhood of Seattle

A Seattle Real Estate dream come true: Mid-century perfection abounds in this sprawling atomic ranch in coveted Salmon Bay neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle. Situated across from Salmon Bay park on a secluded corner lot, this classic oasis features mature cedars, a large covered patio and a gas fireplace. Main floor features updated stainless appliances in beautiful period kitchen, gorgeous mid-century living room, large master, full bath, and 2nd BR.  Basement features additional non-conforming BR and bath.  The home comes complete with an Egyptian movie theater and a tiki bar!

 You're going to love this Atomic Ranch!