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Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of modern and contemporary design, with a unique emphasis on energy-efficient and sustainable architecture.
From affordable modern homes in Seattle to million-dollar custom homes, multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings, green building and sustainable approaches to urban living, you’ll find it all here at Northwest Modern Homes.

Many homebuyers today appreciate the modern asthetic and are interested in purchasing and living in a home that has a modern and streamline feel. This does not necessarily mean a new home, as the Bauhaus and Modern Home design began in the 1920’s, so when we speak of “Modern Homes”, they may not necessarily be new but have the clean lines and open spaces that epitomize this kind of design aesthetic. We can be discussing homes built from the 1930's to today.

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Pacific Northwest BOOK OF HOMES

Pacific Northwest BOOK OF HOMES, originally uploaded by Motorrad+MCM.
I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book! I have a friend, Louis Collins, who owns Collins Books and I'm going to have him keep an eye out for this. What a great example of modern construction.

Furnishing your Seattle mid-century modern home

If you're trying to restore your vintage mid century modern home, there's always a dilemma and a concern with putting new furniture inside your authentic atomic ranch home. You want to be comfortable, but you don't want to betray your mid century roots.


Buying high-end designer furniture is often not practical and it's too expensive for some peoples pocketbooks, so a good solution might be checking local antique shops. I really like the shops at Pacific Galleries in Seattle's Sodo District


The Con-Form Chair -- only $5.99!


Atomic Ranch Mid-Century Modern home for sale in Ballard neighborhood of Seattle

A Seattle Real Estate dream come true: Mid-century perfection abounds in this sprawling atomic ranch in coveted Salmon Bay neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle. Situated across from Salmon Bay park on a secluded corner lot, this classic oasis features mature cedars, a large covered patio and a gas fireplace. Main floor features updated stainless appliances in beautiful period kitchen, gorgeous mid-century living room, large master, full bath, and 2nd BR.  Basement features additional non-conforming BR and bath.  The home comes complete with an Egyptian movie theater and a tiki bar!

 You're going to love this Atomic Ranch!

1954 Urban Gem on Queen Anne by Architect Robert Reichert for sale

This urban retreat is a very unique mid-century modern classic designed and built by Architect Robert Reichert. Originally, it was covered in black & white geometric shapes, but that was painted over to blend into the neighborhood better. 

Mr. Reichert built this home and resided here with his mother. 

Here are photos of the interior: 
From City of Seattle website: This unusual modern house sits on a small (1800 square foot) corner lot, surrounded by trees and shrubs. The house is only 1,080 square feet, on an unusually small lot. It has a steep shed roof with a very shallow eave; the high point is on the east side. There are few windows, with three on each side elevation and two on the east; windows are all aluminum frame. The west elevation, fronting on the street has the garage door but no windows. A sliding glass door opens into the rear parking area, which appears to be the main entrance; there is no door on the street. Cladding is horizontal wood, painted off-white.
Harvard-trained architect Robert Reichert also designed the Egan House (named for its first resident, Willard Egan, a retired admiral of the US Navy) in 1958, which has now been bought and restored by Historic Seattle (more info here.)

Here are some great photos of the interior on Remodelista in an article, Living in a Seattle Architectural Landmark. 


The Brain

The Brain, Seattle, originally uploaded by Golfstromen.
This is an art studio/library designed by Tom Kundig in the Highlands in Seattle. The Highlands are located in North West Seattle right above Puget Sound. The least expensive home there is $1M, and it goes up from there. If that's a little too rich, you can live just outside the gates in Broadview for about half that. You can get a nice rambler home, some with views, for as little as $400K.


Building with plastic bottles

Building with plastic bottles, originally uploaded by bryanilona.

The U.S. discards 13 million tons of plastic annually — more than 12% of our overall waste — and barely 7% of the plastic we discard is recycled. The biggest proportion of that plastic waste comes in the form of plastic bottles (beverages as well as personal care products, cleansers and the like) and packaging. How about a plastic bottle greenhouse? Or a colorful outdoor wall? That’s what this sewage treatment plant in Scotland tried, to great effect:

Via Flickr:
I wish I had come across this idea years ago when I was more involved in schools and community art projects.
I have done a lot of strange things with recycling plastic drinks bottles, but why did I never think of building walls?
These were used to screen off a natural sewage treatment area for the Fife Earthship where plants were used , but I also saw a large greenhouse built with these.........which got me thinking...................
The trouble is I don't really drink fizzy pop to get the bottles!